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Physiology Phenotyping Core (PPC)

provides phenotyping services for animal models, with a primary focus on mouse and rodent models of disease.

Alzet Osmotic Pump, Balance beam, Columbus Instruments Animal Treadmill, Columbus Instruments Grip Strength Meter, Columbus Instruments Mouse Home Cage Running Wheel, Columbus Instruments Rota Rod, ETA-F10, Gait analysis, HD-X11, HP Sonos 7500, IITC Life Science Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, Indwelling Catheter, Scisense ADVantage PV System (ADV500), TA10TA-F20, TA11PA-C10, Vevo 2100

Daniel Michele, PhD

Platelet Pharmacology and Physiology Core

facilitates blood collection, pharmacological equipment usage and training services.

BD Accuri, Chrono-Log 700, Chrono-Logg 700x, Hemavet, LS-55, Li-Cor Odyssey CLX, Li-Cor Pearl Trilogy

Pluripotent Stem Cell Core

trains scientists in the culture of human pluripotent stem cells (hPSC).

Camera on stereomicroscope DS-2Mv, Inverted fluorescent microscope DMi8, Inverted microscope DMi1, Stereomicroscope MZ95

Cindy DeLong, PhD

Proteomics Resource Facility (PRF)

dedicated to protein analysis and applying mass spectrometry-based proteomic approaches to varied biological questions.

Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid with ETD, Q Exactive HF

Venkatesha Basrur, PhD

Pyrosequencing Core

assisted instrument usage of the PyromarkMD pyrosequencer.


Raman Spectroscopy Core (RSC)

provides assisted use of Raman Spectroscopy instruments.

Probe Raman Virsa, Raman microscope InVia, Raman microscope Qontor

Adam Matzger, PhD

Rogel Cancer Center Biostatistics, Analytics and Bioinformatics Core

provides collaboration and consultation on biostatistical and bioinformatics design and analysis.

Jeremy M G Taylor

Rogel Cancer Center Immunology Core

performs immunology assays such as: ELISA, ELISPOT, and Luminex.

Luminex 200 System, Magnetic plate holder, Vacuum manifold

Rogel Cancer Center Single Cell Analysis Resource

facilitates single cell experiments from initial experimental design through final data analysis.

Biomark, C1, Chromium, Tapestri

Single Cell Analysis Resource

Rogel Cancer Center Tissue and Molecular Pathology (TMP) Core

provides tissue procurement, histology, and molecular pathology services.

Autostainer XL, CM1860 Cryostat, CY5030 Coverslipper, Discovery Ultra, Histocore Arcadia C, Histocore Arcadia H, Histocore BioCut, Stainer Autostainer Link48, Whole slide scanner Vectra Polaris

Thomas Giordano, MD, PhD

Ross Behavioral Lab

accommodates human behavior experiments in marketing and decision science, strategy, teamwork, and leadership.

Affectiva GSR Skin Sensors, BIOPAC MP160, Laptops, MediaLab/DirectRT, Qualtrics, Tobii Nano Eye Tracker, Tobii X2-60 Compact Eye Tracker, Webcams, Ztree, ePrime, iMotions Biometric Research Software, iPads, oTree

Single Molecule Analysis in Real-Time (SMART) Center

provides single molecule detection and manipulation tools to track and analyze biomolecules.

MiniTweezers Optical Tweezers, Single Particle Nanomanipulator, Optical Tweezers and Fluorescence Microscope, Single Particle Tracker TIRF/HILO Fluorescence Microscope (plus cellTIRF and accessories) IX81, Table-top Atomic Force Microscope TT-AFM, Time-Resolved Confocal Microscope Alba-5

Damon Hoff, PhD

Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory

aims to understand the role of sleep in disorders and in improving health and well-being, and to promote wellness.

Grael HD-PSG/EEG Diagnostic Amplifier Systems, NC)

Space Physics Research Laboratory (SPRL)

provide space physics instrumentation, training, and data analysis.

Patrick McNally

Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR)

provides portable online aids for probability, statistics, and health science education.

1.5TB RAM computational servers (pair), Data Science and Predictive Analytics, Probability and Statistics EBook

The Pan Omics & Data Science (PODS) Core

provides omic study support for members of the Michigan Center on Lifestage Environmental Exposures and Disease.

Maureen Sartor, PhD

U-M Battery Lab

is a full-service battery cell fabrication and testing facility.

Beckman Coulter Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer, Buhler: Hivis Disper Mix 3D-10, Buhler: Hivis Disper Mix 3D-5, Buhler: Hivis Mix 2p-03, CIS: 150 degrees Celsius, CIS: 2kN/cm 150 degrees Celsius, CIS: Multicoating Type, CIS: manual electrode punches, CIS: slitting machine, Hitachi: S3500N SEM w/EDAX, Horiba Micro Raman Spectrometer, KOEM 18650 cell winder, Luna: Fiber Optic Strain and Temperature Gauge, Maccor: 10A, Maccor: 150uA-5A, Maccor: 30uA-1A, Maccor: 50A, Mathis Labcoater, Micrometrics BET Surface Area Analysis, Primix: FILMIX 56-30, Princeton Applied Research Scanning Electrochemical Probe Microscope, Rigaku MiniFlex 600 Table-top, Solartron 1260 and ModuLab Impedance Analyzers, TA Instruments DHR2 Rheometer, TA Instruments Differential Scanning Calorimeter, TA Instruments Thermogravimetric Analyzer, Thermal Hazard Technology: Accelerated Rate Calorimeter, Toyo: coin cell crimper, Toyo: coin cell de-crimper, Vacuum Atmosphere Genesis Glove Boxe, mPlus: 18650 cell assembly, mPlus: prismatic cell assembly, mPlus: prismatic electrode punches

Greg Less, PhD

a picture of a white mouse

Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM)

provides a variety of laboratory animal services.

Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine

Vahlteich Medicinal Chemistry Core (VMCC)

provides drug discovery oriented services utilizing both wet and computational chemistry.

Analytical HPLC 1100, Analytical HPLC 1260, CombiFlash Rf+, CombiFlash Rf+Lumen, High Pressure Hydrogenator, Microwave Discover, Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) License for molecular modeling and docking, Preparative HPLC 2695, Quadrupole LCMS 6130, Rotavap Various, SchrÖdinger License for molecular modeling for drug discovery

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