BRCF Proteomics Resource Facility (PRF)

dedicated to protein analysis and applying mass spectrometry-based proteomic approaches to varied biological questions.


Venkatesha Basrur, PhD


MSRB II (Rm 3554/3556)
1150 Catherine St, Ann Arbor, MI

Medical School

Who We Serve

University of Michigan Researchers

Core Summary

The Proteomics Resource Facility (PRF) is exclusively dedicated for protein analysis and has over a decade of extensive experience in applying mass spectrometry-based proteomic approaches to varied biological questions. The main goal of the PRF is to assist researchers in designing bottom-up proteomic experiments, maintain state-of-the-art instrumentation, provide technical expertise and bioinformatics support during both discovery and validation phases of proteomic experiments.

PRF is directed by Dr. Alexey Nesvizhskii, who is a world leading expert in the area of mass spectrometry bioinformatics and large-scale proteomics. Technical expertise in mass spectrometry is provided by dedicated a full-time research faculty, namely, Dr. Venkatesha Basrur and a senior technical assistant, Mr. Kevin Conlon, both of whom have extensive experience in biological mass spectrometry.

Service Categories: Chemical, Material and Protein Characterization


  • Data-Independent Acquisition (DIA)

  • Identification of protein bands from Coomassie and mass spectrometry-compatible silver-stained gels

  • Mass spectrometry

  • Parallel Reaction Monitoring (PRM) for quantification of proteins and post-translational modifications

  • Post-translational modifications mapping

  • Protein quantitation
    Label-free quantitation, Parallel reaction monitoring, SILAC quantitation, TMT quantitation,

  • Proteomics

  • Quantitative proteomic profiling

  • Shot-gun proteomic analysis of complex mixtures by tandem mass spectrometry


  • Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid with ETD
  • Q Exactive HF