What is the Michigan Research Cores website?

The Medical School Office of Research, in partnership with the University of Michigan Biosciences Initiative, developed a university-wide research core services directory in response to feedback from research faculty that the University offers rich core infrastructure but it is hard to easily identify the breadth of cores available that can support their research. The idea is not to replace or duplicate individual core websites; but rather to provide a single resource with a common landing page that highlights each core with links to existing websites and/or contact information. 

How do I submit a core to the website directory?

If you would like to add your core facility to the Michigan Research Cores website, please complete this online form

What requirements need to be met to add my core facility to the Michigan Research Cores website?

If your facility provides a service to University of Michigan research faculty, either through a core service, piece of equipment or expertise, you are welcome to complete the online form to have your research core listed in our directory website. 

Please click here to fill out the form.

I submitted my core facility to the website. When will it be added to the Michigan Research Cores directory?

We make every effort to respond to all submitted forms within 3-5 business days to review each submission in a timely manner. If the submitted core facility meets the requirements to be included, we aim to add all approved submissions to the site within a few days. Cores are added to the website on a rolling basis. 

How do I edit an existing core facility listing?

If your core facility is already included on the Michigan Research Cores website and you need to request a change to the listing, please email res-cores@umich.edu. Be sure to include a link to your existing core facility page, any requested changes, and updates to the content. We strive to respond to requested edits and new entries within a few business days. 

I am not using MiCores -- can my core still be included on the site?

Yes, absolutely! The University of Michigan Research Cores website will feature any core facility that is available for use to the University of Michigan research community. If you are interested in being a part of the site, please submit your core using the online form

Does the University of Michigan have ____ instrument on campus?

The University of Michigan Research Cores website provides a catalog of equipment available in core facilities across campus that are available for use by a researcher or investigator. This directory is not a database of every instrument on campus that may be in a private researcher’s lab, or instruments that are unavailable for use to the broader University of Michigan community. For more specific inquiries, please contact the individual core facility. 

I have another question not addressed on this page.

Please contact us with any additional questions. You can reach us at res-cores@umich.edu.