Biointerfaces Institute (BI)

offers a suite of instrumentation capabilities that include 3D Bioprinting, Material and Particle Characterization and Rheology.


Sarah Spanninga, PhD


NCRC Buildings 20 & 26
2800 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor, MI


Who We Serve

University of Michigan Researchers and External Researchers

Core Summary

The Biointerfaces Institute (BI) offers state-of-the-art instrumentation to its constituents, the UM research community, fellow academic institutions, and industry. BI is home to 30 research groups from the School of Dentistry, the College of Engineering, the School of Medicine, and the College of Pharmacy and leverages its expertise in five research clusters: advanced materials and drug delivery, cell and tissue engineering, nanotechnology, neural engineering, and single-cell technologies. Instrumentation types include Nanoparticle Size analysis and Zeta Potential characterization, Chiral materials spectroscopy, Material Pore Size and Porosity characterization, Materials Thermal analysis, Biomolecular Thermal Binding Events and Structural characterization, Rheological characterization, 3D Bioprinting, and Microscopy imaging.

Service Categories: Cell-Based Research Service Categories: Chemical, Material and Protein Characterization Service Categories: Imaging


3D Bioprinting

Material characterization



Particle characterization (zeta potential/dynamic light scattering/nanoparticle tracking analysis)

Self-assisted use after training or service options


3D Bioprinting
RegenHu Biodiscovery, Rokit Invivo,

Mechanical Testing
CellScale Biomaterials MicroSquisher Mechanical Testing, FemtoTools Micromechanical Testing & Assembly Station, Keysight Technologies Nano Tensile/Compression Mechanical, Tester,

Carl Zeiss ELYRA S.1 Superresolution Structured Illumination, Microscopy (SIM), Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer Fluoro Holotomography, Nikon A1R Confocal Microscope, Olympus IX83 Live Cell Microscope, Perkin Elmer Mantra Microscope,

Other Materials Characterization
Micromeritics Mercury Porosimeter Autopore V, TA Instruments HR-2 Discovery Hybrid Rheometer,

Particle Characterization
Malvern Mastersizer 2000 (Laser Scattering), Malvern Nanosight NS300 (Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis), Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZSP (Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS)), Particle Metrix ZetaView TWIN (NTA),

Bio Tools Chiral Raman Spectrometer, Exicor XZT Mueller Matrix Measurement System, Jasco CPL-300 Circularly Polarized Luminescence (CPL), Jasco J-1700 Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrophotometer, Jasco J-815 Circular Dichroism (CD) Spectrophotometer, Spectrometer,

Thermal Characterization
TA Instruments Discovery Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), TA Instruments Discovery Thermal Gravimetric Analysis (TGA), TA Instruments Nano DCS, TA Instruments Nano Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC),