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Advanced Research Computing – Technology Services (ARC-TS)

ARC-TS provides researchers at the University of Michigan with high performance computing tools applicable to disciplines across campus.  ARC-TS syste …

Brock Palen

Anatomical Donations Program

The Anatomical Donations Program provides students with first-hand knowledge of the anatomical structures of the human body.  These courses are among …

Animal Phenotyping Core

Directed by Dr. Nathan Qi the Animal Phenotyping Core provides access to a broad range of comprehensive, state of the art, specialized phenotyping ser …

Nathan Qi, PhD, Core Director

Battery Lab

The Battery Fabrication and Characterization User Facility, or Battery Lab, is a space developed by the University of Michigan in cooperation with the …

Greg Less, PhD

Biochemical NMR Core

The Biochemical Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (BNMR) Laboratory provides research support for graduate students, postdocs, and faculty.  We encourage a h …

Larisa Yeomans, PhD

Bioinformatics Core – BRCF

The BRCF Bioinformatics Core provides bioinformatics analysis to support research activities.

Biointerfaces Institute (BI)

The Biointerfaces Institute (BI) at the University of Michigan provides a new blueprint for biomedical research that encourages out-of-the-box thinkin …

Biomedical Research Store – BRCF

The BRCF Biomedical Research Store provides on-site procurement of enzymes, reagents, and kits used in molecular, cell biology, and some protein chemi …


State of the art NMR instruments provide the ability to obtain structural, dynamic and kinetic information on biological macromolecules including prot …

Debashish Sahu, PhD

Biostatistics, Analytics and Bioinformatics Core – Rogel Cancer Center

The Core provides collaboration and consultation on biostatistical and bioinformatics design and analysis for cancer researchers at the University of …

Jeremy M G Taylor

Cardiovascular Regeneration Core Laboratory

The Cardiovascular Regeneration Core Laboratory routinely generates patient-specific human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) for basic science r …

Center for Advanced Models and Translational Sciences and Therapeutics (CAMTraST)

At the Center for Advanced Models for Translational Sciences and Therapeutics, we strive to accelerate the “bench to bedside” process in biomedical re …

Center for Chemical Genomics

The Center for Chemical Genomics provides high-throughput screening of extensive small molecule, natural product and siRNA libraries – along with assa …

Center for Education Design, Evaluation, & Research (CEDER)

CEDER is a University of Michigan School of Education center devoted to offering high-quality designs, evaluations, and research on teaching, learning …

Center for Health Communications Research (CHCR)

The Center for Health Communications Research (CHCR) is an award-winning leader in designing and developing tailored behavior change and health educat …

Elizabeth Hershey

Center for Molecular Imaging (CMI) / Preclinical Imaging and Computational Analysis (PICA)

CMI/PICA is a shared resource aimed at providing state-of-the-art imaging services for the research community.  Located at the Biomedical Science Rese …

Center for Structural Biology

The Center for Structural Biology (CSB), housed in the Life Sciences Institute, is a comprehensive structural biology resource for researchers at the …

Jeanne Stuckey, PhD

Central Biorepository

The Central Biorepository, a unit of the University of Michigan Medical School Office of Research, facilitates discovery and improves healthcare outco …

Victoria Blanc, PhD

Central Ligand Assay Satellite Services Laboratory (CLASS Lab) – SPH

The CLASS Laboratory offers comprehensive support for clinical research projects throughout the entire process of gathering samples, storing them, and …

Daniel McConnell, PhD

Consulting for Statistics, Computing, and Analytics Research (CSCAR)

Consulting for Statistics, Computing and Analytics Research (CSCAR) provides individualized support and training to University of Michigan researchers …

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