Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR)

provides portable online aids for probability, statistics, and health science education.


Ivo Dinov


North Ingalls Building
426 N. Ingalls St, Ann Arbor, MI


Who We Serve

University of Michigan Researchers and External Researchers

Core Summary

The Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) designs, validates and freely disseminates knowledge. Specifically, SOCR develops AI/ML tools, mathematical models, statistical power analyses, biostatistical consulting, scientific inference, and end-to-end data analytic protocols for biomedical and health studies. It also provides portable online aids for probability, statistics and health science education, promotes technology-enhanced instruction, supports efficient statistical computing, and advances predictive big data analytics. The SOCR platform includes a repository of interactive apps, computational tools, visualization approaches, instructional resources, learning materials, and curricular components. SOCR faculty, staff, and students support data and information science collaborations and analytic partnerships involving biomedical, healthcare, and biostatistical investigations.


Service Categories: Education and Training; Human Research ; Imaging ; Informatics, Statistics and Computation


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    Develop/apply/validate AI and machine-learning methods to challenging Big Data problems,

  • Data analysis
    Support for data acquisition/analysis of multiplex data (large and high-dimensional),

  • Data management
    Development and use of database and software tools for information organization and visualization of tightly-linked multiscale data for T1 translation of research knowledge relevant to obesity, Expertise in database construction/maintenance/security relevant to investigators' studies,

  • Research consulting
    Data/analytics/visualization support for research studies/papers/grants/collaborations, Expertise in experimental design and modeling for preclinical/clinical/translational research studies that integrate clinical/molecular/neurobehavioral/other phenotype data,

  • Statistics
    Expertise in bioinformatics and data mining, Statistical analysis,


  • 1.5TB RAM computational servers (pair)
  • Data Science and Predictive Analytics
  • Probability and Statistics EBook