Ross Behavioral Lab

accommodates human behavior experiments in marketing and decision science, strategy, teamwork, and leadership.


Lillian Chen
(734) 647-2369


Ross School of Business (Rm R0425)
701 Tappan Ave, Ann Arbor, MI

Ross School of Business

Who We Serve

Ross School of Business Faculty, PhD Students, and Affiliates. Non-Ross affiliates must be in collaboration with a current Ross Faculty or PhD Student in order to gain access to behavioral lab resources.

Core Summary

The Ross Behavioral Lab accommodates a variety of innovative human behavior experiments in areas such as marketing and decision science, strategy, teamwork, and leadership. Within the lab, Ross researchers conduct traditional computer and paper-based experiments, as well as focus groups and taste test studies. Behavioral Lab facilities include a 26-person carrel room, focus group room, interview rooms, and an observation and recording room, making it an ideal environment for research on interpersonal communication or small group dynamics.

Service Categories: Data Tools and Analysis; Education and Training ; Human Research


  • Administering studies to participants

  • Consulting for survey design

  • Ensuring data quality by survey testing

  • Lab space scheduling

  • Recruiting of Ross Paid Pool participants


  • Affectiva GSR Skin Sensors
  • BIOPAC MP160
  • ePrime
  • iMotions Biometric Research Software
  • iPads
  • Laptops
  • MediaLab/DirectRT
  • oTree
  • Qualtrics
  • Tobii Nano Eye Tracker
  • Tobii X2-60 Compact Eye Tracker
  • Webcams
  • Ztree