BRCF Flow Cytometry Core

provides instrumentation and expertise in flow cytometric analysis.


David Adams


BSRB (Rms A701/A681/A804)
109 Zina Pitcher Pl, Ann Arbor, MI

MSRB II (Rm C574)
1150 West Medical Center Dr, Ann Arbor, MI

NCRC Building 20 (Rm 134D/49S)
2800 Plymouth Road, Ann Arbor, MI

Medical School

Who We Serve

University of Michigan Researchers and External Researchers

Core Summary

The Flow Cytometry Core, part of the Biomedical Research Core Facilities in the Office of Research, provides instrumentation and expertise to University of Michigan investigators – and the surrounding biotech community – in a broad range of basic and medical science disciplines. Samples are prepared by individual investigators, who then deliver samples to the Core for flow cytometric analysis or cell sorting. The Core also provides assistance in grant and publication preparation, publication-quality graphics, and the development of experimental designs.


  • Assistance in grant and publication preparation

  • Cell sorting

  • Development of experimental designs

  • Flow cytometry

  • Publication-quality graphics

  • Sample preparation


  • Bigfoot Spectral
  • Bio-Rad ZE5
  • Cytek Aurora
  • Cytoflex
  • FACSAria III
  • Fortessa
  • ImagestreamX Mark II
  • Microfluidic Sorter
    Miltenyi, Core Use Only
  • MoFlo Astrios
  • Sony MA900
  • Sony SH800
  • Sony Synergy