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Functional MRI Laboratory (FMRI)

supports research on the structures and functions of the brain that underlie cognitive and affective processes.

Scott Peltier, PhD
(734) 647-8077

germ-free mouse facility featured header image of germ-free cages

Germ-Free Mouse Facility

provides services to the entire University of Michigan community and can also ship germ-free mice to locations worldwide.

Germ-Free Mouse Facility


offers a fully functional homelike research environment to facilitate human-centered research in a wide variety of contexts.

Jeannette Jackson

Human Research 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Research 3T)

provides anatomic and advanced MR imaging services for IRB-approved, sponsor-funded studies and clinical trials.

Thomas L. Chenevert, PhD

Human Stem Cell and Gene Editing Core (HSCGE)

provides iPSC reprogramming, stem cell characterization and differentiation, and genome editing.

Hybridoma Core

provides custom monoclonal antibody development and bulk production of monoclonal antibodies.

David A. Fox, MD

In Vivo Animal Core (IVAC)

is a research pathology service run by ULAM that also provides technical study services on a fee-for-service basis.

Robert Sigler, DVM, PhD, DACVP

Institute for Healthcare and Policy Innovation (IHPI)

access to 20 terabytes of data, from more than 113 million Americans, for researchers to study how healthcare works.

Patrick Brady, MHA

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research Virtual Data Enclave (ICPSR)

maintains a data archive of more than 250,000 files of research in the social and behavioral sciences.

Stuart Hutchings

Library Visualization Services

provides free support for data visualization across all disciplines.

Library Visualization Services

Lombard Lab

provides usage of the Agilent Seahorse XFe96 for cellular analysis of oxygen consumption and extracellular acidification.

LSA Scientific Instrument Shop

provides custom scientific apparatus from metal and plastic as well as training for students to use machine tools.

Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF)

provides advanced micro- and nano-fabrication equipment and expertise to enable cutting edge research.

Sandrine Martin, PhD


is a proving ground for testing connected and automated vehicles and technologies under controlled and realistic conditions.

MDRC Chemistry Laboratory

provides assays related to diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension for short-term and long-term human and animal studies.

Michigan Center for Materials Characterization (MC)2

is dedicated to the micron and nanoscale imaging and analysis of materials.

Michigan Diabetes Center (MDRC) Molecular Genetics Core (MGC)

applies genetic methodologies to research questions related to diabetes.

David P. Olson, MD, PhD

Michigan Diabetes Research Center (MDRC) Animal Studies Core

provides animal services relevant to diabetes and related endocrine and metabolic disorders.

Martin Myers, MD, PhD

Michigan Diabetes Research Center (MDRC) Clinical Core

provides expertise and services to support basic, translation, and clinical diabetes research.

William Herman, MD, MPH

Michigan Diabetes Research Center (MDRC) Microscopy, Imaging, and Cellular Physiology Core (MICP)

provides protein/RNA imaging and cell physiological analysis for diabetes-related research.

David A. Antonetti, PhD

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