Molecular Biology


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BRCF Advanced Genomics Core (AGC)

provides high-quality, low-cost advanced genomic analysis on a recharge basis.

Olivia Koues, PhD

BRCF Transgenic Animal Model Core

provide access to transgenic animal technology in an efficient, effective manner.

Zachary T Freeman DVM, PhD

BRCF Vector Core

produces biological vectors that facilitate the transfer of specific genes into either normal or aberrant cells.

Tom Lanigan, PhD

Center for Chemical Genomics (CCG)

provides high-throughput screening of extensive small molecule, natural product and siRNA libraries.

Center for Structural Biology (CSB)

assists with protein engineering, purification, and macromolecular crystallization for solving crystal structures.

Dental School Molecular Biology Core

provides real-time quantitative PCR instrumentation.

Human Stem Cell and Gene Editing Core (HSCGE)

provides iPSC reprogramming, stem cell characterization and differentiation, and genome editing.

Hybridoma Core

provides custom monoclonal antibody development and bulk production of monoclonal antibodies.

David A. Fox, MD

Michigan Diabetes Research Center (MDRC) Molecular Genetics Core (MGC)

applies genetic methodologies to research questions related to diabetes.

David P. Olson, MD, PhD

Microbiome Core

provides microbial sequencing, high-throughput nucleic acid extraction, microbial cultivation, and strain identification.

Tom Schmidt, Ph.D

Miller Lab

provides usage of the Agilent Seahorse XFe96 for cellular analysis of oxygen consumption and extracellular acidification.

Natural Products Discovery Core (NPDC)

develops candidates identified through high-throughput screening into unique, bioactive, patentable, small molecules.

Ashootosh Tripathi, PhD

Pharmacokinetic and Mass Spectrometry Core

maintains mass spectrometry instruments and the technical expertise to design quantitative assays for drug-like compounds.

Rogel Cancer Center Immunology Core

performs immunology assays such as: ELISA, ELISPOT, and Luminex.

Rogel Cancer Center Single Cell Analysis Resource

facilitates single cell experiments from initial experimental design through final data analysis.

Single Cell Analysis Resource

The Pan Omics & Data Science (PODS) Core

provides omic study support for members of the Michigan Center on Lifestage Environmental Exposures and Disease.

Maureen Sartor, PhD

a picture of a white mouse

Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine (ULAM)

provides a variety of laboratory animal services.

Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine

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