Center for Structural Biology (CSB)

assists with protein engineering, purification, and macromolecular crystallization for solving crystal structures.


Jeanne Stuckey, PhD

Jenn Soules


Mary Sue Coleman Hall (LSI - Rm 3258)
210 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, MI

Life Sciences Institute

Who We Serve

University of Michigan Researchers and External Researchers

Core Summary

The Center for Structural Biology (CSB), housed in the Life Sciences Institute, is a comprehensive structural biology resource for researchers at the University of Michigan and surrounding areas.

The CSB includes a high-throughput protein laboratory for protein engineering, protein purification facilities for small- and large-scale protein production, macromolecular crystallization and crystallography laboratories for solving crystal structures of biological molecules, and an X-ray facility with access to high energy synchrotron radiation. Our dedicated staff scientists have years of academic and industry experience, allowing us to provide expert guidance to researchers through every stage of a project — collaborating and consulting with researchers who use the facilities. We also have a programmatic collaboration with the LSI’s Center for Chemical Genomics, allowing the determination of target proteins in complex with compounds identified in high-throughput screening.

Service Categories: Chemical, Material and Protein Characterization; Molecular Biology


  • Cloning

  • Crystallization

  • Differential thermal analysis

  • Drug development

  • Instrument/Facility usage

  • NMR
    Small molecule,

  • or full service

  • PCR

  • Protein crystallography

  • Protein engineering

  • Protein production

  • Structure determination

  • Xray


  • Crystallization Robot
    Gryphon, Equipment Available For Use
  • FPLC
    AKTA, Equipment Available For Use
  • Lapchip
    Caliber, Equipment Available For Use
  • MagNAPure
    Roche, Core Use Only
  • nano-ITC
    TA Instruments, Core Use Only
  • Octet Red
    Sartorius, Equipment Available For Use
  • QPCR
    Lightcycler, Core Use Only
  • Quantstudio7
    Thermo Fisher, Equipment Available For Use
  • X-Ray MetalJet D2
    Rayonix, Equipment Available For Use