Center for Chemical Genomics (CCG)

provides high-throughput screening of extensive small molecule, natural product and siRNA libraries.


Andrew Alt, PhD

Jenn Soules


Mary Sue Coleman Hall (LSI - Rm 3358)
210 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, MI

Life Sciences Institute

Who We Serve

University of Michigan Researchers and External Researchers

Core Summary

The University of Michigan Center for Chemical Genomics (CCG) provides high-throughput screening of extensive small molecules, natural product extracts, and siRNA libraries, as well as assay development and optimization, for basic biology and drug discovery projects. The CCG has more than 250,000 diverse small molecule compounds, a unique library of more than 50,000 natural product extracts, an extensive siRNA library, and a growing library of FDA-approved compounds for drug repurposing projects. We also offer MScreen, a cost-effective web-based data storage and analysis tool developed to help users streamline the hit-to-lead decision process. The CCG services are available to U-M researchers and external academic and industry partners.

Service Categories: Cell-Based Research Service Categories: Chemical, Material and Protein Characterization Service Categories: Data Tools and Analysis Service Categories: Education and Training Service Categories: Gene Sequencing, Expression and Analysis Service Categories: Imaging Service Categories: Informatics, Statistics and Computation Service Categories: Molecular Biology


Assay development and optimization

Chemical libraries


Compound High-throughput screening

Custom Drug libraries

Drug development

Image-Based High-throughput screening

Natural product extracts

RNA Interference High-throughput screening


Cell Analyzers
Intellicyt Flow Cytometer,

Liquid Handler
Beckman Coulter Biomek FX96 & 384, ECHO 655, Thermo Scientific MultiDrop Combi, Thermo Scientific MultiDrop Nano, TTP Labtech Mosquito,

MDC Image Express Micro (IXM)

Beckman Coulter Biomek FX Pintool, Perkin Elmer Sciclone ALHD 3000 Pintool V&P,

Plate reader
BMG Pherastar multiplate reader, Hamamatsu FDSS 7000 plate reader, Perkin Elmer Envision multiplate reader,

Plate washer
Biotek EL 406, Biotek ELX405, BluecatWasher,

SynchroPatch 384PE

Tissue culture room