Natural Products Discovery Core (NPDC)

develops candidates identified through high-throughput screening into unique, bioactive, patentable, small molecules.


Ashootosh Tripathi, PhD

Jenn Soules


Mary Sue Coleman Hall (LSI - Rm 4314A)
210 Washtenaw Ave, Ann Arbor, MI

Life Sciences Institute

Who We Serve

University of Michigan Researchers and External Researchers

Core Summary

The University of Michigan Natural Products Discovery Core (NPDC) has developed a 50,000-sample (and growing) library of natural product extracts derived from a unique collection of diverse marine and terrestrial actinomycetes, fungi and cyanobacteria. The NPDC provides researchers at U-M and external partners with the technology and expertise to develop candidates identified through high-throughput screening into unique bioactive, patentable small molecules. Our rapid genomic and metabolomic profiling capabilities allow users to identify high-value molecules as probes and drug leads.

Service Categories: Chemical, Material and Protein Characterization; Molecular Biology


  • Assay development and optimization

  • Biocatalysis

  • Bioinformatics analysis
    Microbial Genome Assembly,

  • Chromatography
    HPLC purification,

  • Drug discovery

  • High-throughput screening

  • Mass spectrometry
    LC-MS, LC-MS/MS, qTOF, Rapid-fire 365,

  • Metabolite identification
    Small molecule,

  • Microbial cultivation

  • Natural product extracts

  • NMR
    1D Experiments, 2D Experiments, Small molecule,

  • Sample processing
    Drying equipment,

  • Spectroscopy

  • Structure determination
    Small molecule,

  • Untargeted Metabolomics
    Secondary metabolites,


  • 600 MHz NMR with Prodigy Probe
  • Agilent 6545Q-TOF LC-MS with RapidFire 365 High-throughput
  • Biotage Selekt 2 channel extended bed UV/Vis
  • Biotage SPE Dry 96 Dual Sample Concentrator System
  • Biotage V10 Touch with/without Gilson Handlers
  • Buchi Syncore Analyst
  • Gilson GX 271 ASPEC with Dual Syringe Pump
  • Shake culture/orbital incubator shaker facility (MAXq8000 and alike)
  • Shimadzu LCMS 2020 with dual ESI/APCI probe (both +ve/-ve mode)
  • Thermo KingFisher Flex high throughput DNA and protein purification system
  • ThermoSavant SpeedVac