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Anatomical Donations Program

provides access to anatomical donations for supporting training and new advancements in medical science.

Anatomical Donations Program

Animal Biosafety Level 3 Laboratory

Provides access for researchers to appropriate laboratory facilities to conduct non-Select Agent in-vivo work

Biosafety cabinets, Cell Sorters, Centrifuge, Microscope

Dalis Collins

an image of an Animal Surgery Operating Room at the U-M Medical School

Animal Surgery Operating Rooms (ASOR)

provides facilities to perform sterile, minimally-invasive, and non-sterile surgical procedures on non-rodent species.

Anesthesia machines with isoflurane or Sevoflurane vaporizers, Autoclave, Basic surgical instruments and supplies, Cautery units, External heat support (heat lamps/circulating water blankets/ Hot Dog), Fluoroscopy, Glucometer, I-Stat: chemistry and blood gas analyzer, IV fluid warmer, IV infusion pumps, Lead gowns & thyroid shields, Microhematocrit centrifuge, Monitors: EKG, Pulse oximetry, carbon dioxide, direct and indirect blood pressure (NIBP and IBP), Radiographic unit, Refractometer, Scrubs and personal protective equipment, Stainless steel tables, Surgical suction, Ventilators

Animal Surgery Operating Rooms

BRCF Advanced Genomics Core (AGC)

provides high-quality, low-cost advanced genomic analysis on a recharge basis.

ABI qPCR System, Arrays iScan, Next Generation Sequencing, Next Generation Sequencing BluePippin, Next Generation Sequencing GridION, Next Generation Sequencing MiSeq, Next Generation Sequencing NextSeq 2000, Next Generation Sequencing NextSeq 500/550, Next Generation Sequencing NovaSeq 6000, Next Generation Sequencing S2, Quality Control 2200 TapeStation, Quality Control 4200 TapeStation, Quality Control Bioanalyzer, Quality Control LabChip GX Touch, Quality Control Qubit Fluorimeter, Single Cell Chromium Controller, Single Cell Chromium System, Single Cell ChromiumX, Single Cell Countess II, Single Cell Luna Fx7, Spatial Transcriptomics CM1860, Spatial Transcriptomics Epifluorescence Microscope BX51, Spatial Transcriptomics GeoMx DSP, Spatial Transcriptomics S700, Spatial Transcriptomics Visium CytAssist, qPCR QuantSTudio 12K Flex, qPCR StepOne

Olivia Koues, PhD

BRCF Bioinformatics Core

assists with the experimental design, workflow development, and analysis of next-generation sequencing data.

BRCF Biomedical Research Store

provides on-site procurement of enzymes, reagents, and kits used in molecular, cell biology, and some protein chemistry.

BRCF Epigenomics Core

provides sample quality control, library preparation, and sequencing for the study of cytosine and histone modifications.

Claudia Lalancette, PhD

BRCF Flow Cytometry Core

provides instrumentation and expertise in flow cytometric analysis.

Bigfoot Spectral, Bio-Rad ZE5, Cytek Aurora, Cytoflex, FACSAria III, Fortessa, ImagestreamX Mark II, Microfluidic Sorter, MoFlo Astrios, Sony MA900, Sony SH800, Sony Synergy

BRCF Metabolomics Core

measures concentrations of small molecules in biological samples on a recharge basis.

GC-MS 6890, LC-QQQ 6410, LC-QQQ 6490, LC-QTOF 6545, LC-TripleTOF 5600+, Orbitrap IDX

Maureen Kachman, PhD

BRCF Microscopy Core

provides instrumentation and expertise for light and electron microscopy imaging.

A1 confocal (2), A1R confocal, A1si confocal, CSU-X1 SDC, EVO 15 LAB6 SEM, JEM 1400 TEM, Lattice Lighhtsheet 7, Lightsheet 7, N-SIM, SP5 Confocal/MP, SP8 Confocal/MP/STED/FLIM, Stellaris Confocal

Jennifer Peters, PhD

BRCF Proteomics Resource Facility (PRF)

dedicated to protein analysis and applying mass spectrometry-based proteomic approaches to varied biological questions.

Orbitrap Fusion Tribrid with ETD, Q Exactive HF

Venkatesha Basrur, PhD

BRCF Transgenic Animal Model Core

provide access to transgenic animal technology in an efficient, effective manner.

Zachary T Freeman DVM, PhD

BRCF Vector Core

produces biological vectors that facilitate the transfer of specific genes into either normal or aberrant cells.

Tom Lanigan, PhD

Cardiovascular Regeneration Core Laboratory

generates patient-specific human induced pluripotent stem cells to study cardiovascular diseases.

Biosafety cabinets, Controlled rate freezer, Incubators, Incucyte Zoom, Inverted, Isothermic liquid nitrogen storage tank, MACS Quant VYB flow cytometer

Center for Advanced Models and Translational Sciences and Therapeutics (CAMTraST)

develops advanced cell lines and animal models for translational sciences and therapeutics.

Microscope Diaphot 300, Video camera ImagePro Plus

Center for Health Communications Research (CHCR)

designs behavior change and health education interventions.

Elizabeth Hershey

Center for Molecular Imaging (CMI) & Preclinical Molecular Imaging (PMI)

provide instrumentation and expertise in non-invasive animal imaging.

4D Medical Permetium CT, Bruker 7T, Bruker SkyScan CT, MR Solutions 3T, PerkinElmer IVIS Lumina, PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum

Central Biorepository (CBR)

Provides access to and storage of high-quality, highly annotated human biospecimens.

Custom kit production and biospecimen chain of custody from clinic-CBR-end user.

Barcode Scanners, Brady IP Printer i5100, Bulk Liquid Nitrogen Delivery System, Cassette Printer Signature, Chemagic Prime 4 robot, Countess Automated Cell Counter 3, Cytation Imager 3, FlashGel System, Liquid Nitrogen Cryofreezers MVE TEC 3000, QIAsymphony nucleic acid extraction robots SP, TECAN Liquid Handling Robots Freedom EVO, TapeStation 4200, Temperature Data Logger 4, Thermometers, Ultra-low Temp Freezer MDF-DU702VH

Victoria Blanc, PhD

Data Office for Clinical & Translational Research (DOCTR)

enables secure access to patient data through investigator-friendly, self-serve tools and custom data extracts.

DataDirect Tool, EMERSE Tool

Data Science, Biostatistics, and Informatics Core

provides experimental design, data management, health analytics, mathematical modeling, and statistical computing.

1.5TB RAM SOCR Compute Server

Total Cores: 53