Michigan Integrative Musculoskeletal Health Core Center (MiMHC)

Our 3 Cores provide analyses aimed at understanding musculoskeletal health using paraffin and plastic (hard tissue) histology and training, micro/nanoCT imaging, Raman spectrometry, whole animal/tissue level testing, Omics and machine learning support.


Karl Jepsen, PhD



Biomedical Science Research Building
109 Zina Pitcher Pl, Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Dentistry, Engineering, Medical School

Who We Serve

University of Michigan Researchers and External Researchers

Core Summary

The theme of the Michigan Integrative Musculoskeletal Health Core (MiMHC) Center is understanding mechanisms of musculoskeletal health, injury, and disease across the lifespan. The MiMHC supports three Resource Cores:

    • Structure, Composition & Histology Core – micro/nanoComputed Tomography, Raman spectroscopy, plastic and paraffin embedding, access to specialized equipment for sectioning and staining
    • Function Core – physiological testing, microsurgery support, muscle mechanics, tendon testing, and bone testing
    • Integrative Data Analytics Core – imaging data analysis, Omics data analysis, statistical assessment of biological and biomedical data and integrative machine learning

The Enrichment Program promotes and sustains interactions among center investigators by focusing on community building, junior faculty mentorship, and grantsmanship.

  • Pilot Grant opportunities aimed at promoting greater interactions among clinicians and basic scientists and supporting research projects studying interactions across musculoskeletal tissues, across time, and between sexes.
  • MSK seminar series is held on the 3rd Wednesday each month from 4-5pm.
  • Annual Musculoskeletal Health Symposium
  • Custom MSK Boot Camp mentors junior faculty on grantsmanship, writing skills, and grant submission strategies


Service Categories: Animal Research; Chemical, Material and Protein Characterization ; Data Tools and Analysis ; Education and Training ; Engineering ; Gene Sequencing, Expression and Analysis ; Histology, Pathology and Tissue ; Human Research ; Imaging ; Informatics, Statistics and Computation


  • Functional Assessment Core
    Bone Testing, Custom Fabrication/Machining, Fracture Healing/Surgical Models, Microsurgery Models, Muscle Mechanics, Tendon (Soft Tissue) Testing, Whole Animal Testing,

  • Histological Assessment Core
    Access to Specialized Equipment for Sectioning and Staining, Cryosectioning, Histology Services, Histomorphometry/Microscope Image Analysis, Plastic/Paraffin Embedding,

  • Pilot Grant Opportunities

  • Structural and Compositional Assessment Core
    Image Analysis, Micro-Computed Tomography (in vivo & ex vivo), Nano-Computed Tomography (ex vivo), Raman Spectroscopy,


  • Automated tissue processor ASP 300S
    Leica, Core Use Only
  • Band saw 312
    Exakt, Core Use Only
  • Cryostat - Leica CM3050S
    Leica, Equipment Available for Use
  • Current stimulator 701B
    Aurora Scientific, Core Use Only
  • Embedder for paraffin
    Leica Histocore, Equipment Available for Use
  • Force measuring system BG-50, BF-300, BG-1000
    Kulite Semiconductor, Core Use Only
  • Grinder/Polisher
    Buehler Ecomet 300 Pro, Equipment Available For Use
  • In vivo microComputed Tomography system 1176
    Bruker, Equipment Available For Use
  • Materials testing system 8511
    Instron, Core Use Only
  • Materials testing system Bionix
    MTS, Equipment Available For Use
  • Materials testing system eXert 4500
    Admet, Equipment Available For Use
  • microComputed Tomography system (microCT) 100
    Scanco, Core Use Only
  • Microscope Eclipse
    Nikon, Equipment Available For Use
  • Microtomes
    Leica RM2255 semi-automated, Equipment Available for Use
  • Muscle control 300B and 305B
    Aurora Scientific, Core Use Only
  • nanoComputed Tomography system (nanoCT) m
    phoenix x-ray, Core Use Only
  • Nanoindentor TI950
    Hysitrong, Equipment Available For Use
  • Peripheral quantitative computed tomography (pQCT) XCT 2000 L
    Stratec, Equipment Available For Use
  • Raman fiber probe RamanRxn-1
    Kaiser Optical Systems, Core Use Only
  • Raman microscope E600
    Nikon, Core Use Only
  • Treadmill
    Columbus, Equipment Available For Use
  • Ultrasound Vevo2100
    Visualsonics, Core Use Only
  • Video tracking system
    Anymaze, Equipment Available For Use