Dental School Histology Core Facility

specializes in sectioning of hard (demineralized) tissues and offers basic histology and staining.


Theresa Cody


School of Dentistry (Rm G008)
1011 North University Ave, Ann Arbor, MI


Who We Serve

University of Michigan Researchers and External Researchers

Core Summary

The Histology Core Facility at the Dental School specializes in sectioning of hard (demineralized) tissues. We offer digital camera and NIS elements analysis software for self-use as well as self-use of our cryostat. The available Nikon E800 light microscope has fluorescence capability (FITC, TRITC, and triple-FITC, TRITC, and DAPI). Histomorphometric measurements can be done with NIS Elements software. The Core offers basic histology and staining. Paraffin and frozen histology are also available.

Service Categories: Histology, Pathology and Tissue


  • Cryostat

  • H&E

  • Histology
    Frozen, Paraffin,

  • Special stains


  • CM 1850 cryostat
  • Digital camera
  • Nikon E800 light microscope