Central Ligand Assay Satellite Services Laboratory (CLASS)

offers custom kits and processing/storage/analysis services for a wide range of analytes.


Daniel McConnell, PhD


Auxiliary Services Building 1 (Rm A120A)
1919 Green Rd, Ann Arbor, MI

Public Health

Who We Serve

University of Michigan Researchers and External Researchers

Core Summary

The Central Ligand Assay Satellite Services (CLASS) Laboratory offers collaborative research support. We work to facilitate and improve the research of others and make it possible for them to explore their ideas. We provide comprehensive support for clinical research projects throughout the entire process of gathering and storing samples then coordinating the assay of desired analytes. We offer collection kit designs that are tailor-made to each research study, with tubes and components clearly labeled with barcodes and unique sample IDs. Once collected, samples can be processed and stored in one of our 60 on-site ultra-low -80C freezers or in our liquid nitrogen freezer, where their temperatures are monitored 24/7. When samples are collected, we can complete any combination of approximately 40 different routine assays and many other commercially available ELISAs. 

Service Categories: Human Research


  • Assays
    Chemistry, Coagulation, ELISA,

  • Assays (serum/plasma/urine/saliva)
    Chemistry, Coagulation, ELISA,

  • Biorepository
    Long-term sample storage,

  • Biospecimen (serum/plasma/urine/saliva)
    Processing, Storage, Sub-aliquoting,

  • Specimen kit production


  • Analyzer ACE Axcel
    AlfaWassermann, Core Use Only
  • Analyzer Centaur CP
    Siemens, Core Use Only
  • Analyzer Cobas e411
    Roche, Core Use Only
  • Multiplex plate reader MagPix
    Biotechne, Core Use Only