Michigan Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MMPC) Animal Phenotyping Core

provides phenotyping services for models of diabetes, diabetic complications, obesity, and related metabolic diseases.


Melanie Schmitt

Nathan Qi, PhD


Medical Campus

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Who We Serve

University of Michigan Researchers and External Researchers

Core Summary

The Michigan Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center (MMPC) Animal Phenotyping Core provides access to a broad range of comprehensive, state of the art, specialized phenotyping services for mouse or rat models of diabetes, diabetic complications, obesity, and related metabolic diseases and conditions. Including, a variety of in vivo physiological assessments encompassing glucose homeostasis or lipid homeostasis (glucose/fat tolerance, insulin tolerance, hyper-, hypo- and euglycemic-glucose clamps, and lipid fluxes, etc.), energy homeostasis (indirect calorimetry by CLAMS or Sable Systems Promethion under various housing conditions and/or dietary challenge, maximum oxygen consumption during endurance running, specific nutrient metabolism using 13C-labeled compounds… etc.), ultradian hormone secretion (Culex platform for automated infusion and/or blood sampling from unrestrained animals), steady-state labeling of 13C-compounds via a continuous iv infusion, and behavioral measurements (locomotor activity, meal pattern analysis, operant conditioning, various maze tests… etc.). We also provide support in study design and consultation, data analysis, and manuscript preparation.

Service Categories: Animal Research Service Categories: Histology, Pathology and Tissue


Automated intravenous infusion and/or blood sampling (with no human presence)

Blood chimerism in parabiotic mice/rats

Energy content in dietary/fecal/tissue samples (bomb calorimetry)

Exercise training - test of running capacity or VO2max

Glucose and fat oxidation analysis/fuel preference at room temperature/thermoneutrality/cold

In vivo insulin sensitivity including hyper/hypo/euglycemic glucose clamps

In vivo lipid tolerance and fluxes using 3H-triolein

In-cage running wheel activity

Metabolic flexibility and specific nutrient metabolism during fasting and refeeding

Non-shivering thermogenesis and in vivo body temperature (including BAT) monitoring

Portal vein infusion and/or blood sampling

Recovery microsurgeries

Steady-state labelling of 13C-metabolites via continuous intravenous infusion

Whole body Energy expenditure and body composition - including germ-free mice


16-40 cages per unit

2 CLAMS (Columbus Instruments) and one Sable Systems Promethion

2 enclosed single lane chambers for VO2max

20 in-cage running wheels with analytical software (Starr Life Sciences)

4 surgical stations with stereo-microdissection scopes: 1 for teaching

8 microbiome isolators for measuring energy expenditure in germ-free mice

8 operant conditioning chambers (Med Associates)

Basi Culex automated infusion and blood sampling system: 4 chambers for mouse or rat

Bomb calorimeters for biological samples (Parr 6200 with 1108P oxygen bomb)

EthoVision XT video tracking system with 4 independent video cameras

Ethylene oxide sterilizer

Independent (PI-managed) animal housing and procedure rooms with lighting cycle controls

Pump 11 Elite Glucose Clamp Pumps)

Various maze setups including a large tank for Morris water maze